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Sea water pools: the best option to relax


In Albercas y Lagos Pacífico we build sea water pools with the requirements you wish and need

This type of pools are very innovative product that goes at the Forefront of the life style that people are looking for today.

Now a days we all seek to take care of the enviroment, saving on electric energy, reducing the consumption of chemicals and taking care of the other hand this is the physical part that is to be more in touch whit nature,exercise and seek more natural measures to combat physical discomforts.

The line Sea Pools meet all these characteristics; since with them they eliminate or reduce the fixed costs in the maintenance that the convetional pools need.

Seapools are pools equipped with state-of-the-art technology where the water is extracted directly from the sea to your pool totally crystalline and without aroma. At a temperature of 28 c which helps muscle relaxation among many other benefits.

The pool is full every time you use it in a fast way therefore it will always be in optimal condition which nullifies the use of chemicals helping to care for the environment.


The benefits of having seapools are:

  • Do not spend on chemicals for maintenance.
  • 90% savings in electricity consumption.
  • Saving 100% of drinking water consumption.
  • You will always bathe in new water No one will bathe before you !

The seapools pools are designed for houses, resorts and hotels located by the sea.
If you have a pool built conventionally and be at the seashore we can also turn it into a SeaPools.
Seapools is the best investment for your beach pool.
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